Conscious Taos Recycling - Bulk Pickup Procedure

If you’d like to schedule a bulk, or “one-time” pickup, please contact us at 575.224.6209 or

We’ll need the following information:

1. Address/location of pickup in the Taos area.

2. Estimated volume of “mixed materials” (paper, plastic, aluminum, tin, and paper board). Keep in mind that these items can be crushed to maximize volume.

Chances are, a container around your house has its volume (in gallons) embossed somewhere on it.

Place your recyclables in this container, and give us your best guess at how many gallons you have - on your pick up day, we will measure and bill you for the difference

Pictured: Conscious Taos 18-gallon bin

3. Estimated volume of cardboard: inches of stacked/flattened cardboard.

Got a whole lot of little boxes? spread them out over a footprint of 40”x45”. (the size of a standard shipping pallet)

Provide us with height of your stack in inches and we'll send you an estimate.

Helpful Tips for Bulk Pickups

  • Most cardboard is 1/8 inch thick - break down boxes to a single layer & save $
  • Remove all the labels from your recyclables as best as you can
  • Crushed cans take up less volume
  • Everything has to be clean