Conscious Taos Recycling - Bulk Pickup Procedure

If you’d like to schedule a bulk, or “one-time” pickup, please contact us at 575.224.6209 or

Pickups must be purchased by Wednesday at 12pm for Friday fulfillment.

We’ll need the following information:

1. Address/location of pickup in the Taos area.

2. Estimated volume of “mixed materials” (paper, plastic, aluminum). Keep in mind that these items can be crushed to maximize volume. Chances are, a container around your house has its volume (in gallons) embossed somewhere on it. These photos show typical 18-gallon and 32-gallon containers:

3. Estimated volume of cardboard: inches of stacked/flattened cardboard. Footprint of 40”x40”.

We can help with volume estimates! Send us a photo.

Cost Breakdown

(taxes apply)

$35 – Base Cost Includes:

• Curbside pickup at your location
• 18 gallons of mixed materials
• 3” of stacked cardboard

Add-on option pricing:

• $1.44 – per gallon of additional mixed materials up to 6” cardboard

• $10 – up to 6” cardboard

• $15 – up to 12” cardboard

• $25 – up to 20” cardboard

• $65 – up to 75” cardboard

• $90 – up to 96” cardboard (for larger volumes add previous tiers as needed)

• $10 additional fee for large loads 75” or greater of cardboard or mixed materials filling entire trailer.


• Once we have an estimate of volume, customer is billed $35 for the base cost via email. This must be paid prior to pick up – and reserves your spot. This can also be paid over the phone. We do not accept checks at this time.

• Material is measured at pickup and any discrepancy between estimate and actual volume will be followed up with a second invoice.

• Please note that we do not accept glass at this time. For a full list of items we can or cannot accept please visit