Business Closure Announcement

Dear Conscious Taos Customers,

We regret to inform you that Conscious Taos Recycling Service will cease operations on November 24th, 2023. This difficult decision stems from the personal health issues of our owner-operator, ongoing labor challenges, and a notable decline in subscription volume.

Continued Service Until Closure:

Until the end of your subscription, we will serve all accounts as per the new Terms of Service available at the bottom of this page via the link. Please be patient with our responses to questions and with our staff as we have limited resources during this transition. 

Subscription Conclusion Details:

To ensure fair treatment of all our subscribers:

- All subscriptions will be deactivated soon after the final subscription payment to prevent overcharging, as long as bins are successfully collected - See Below***

- Residential Customers and Commercial Tiers 1-3 will receive two pickups during operational weeks following their final subscription payment.

- Commercial Tiers 4 and higher will receive four pickups following their final subscription payment.

Please note, while this plan aims to serve all customers until our closure, its success relies on your understanding & ongoing support, and the maintenance of a manageable subscription volume. Unforeseen significant losses in subscriptions may necessitate an earlier cessation of operations. 

Thank you, Taos, for your allowance and grace as we learned what it is to operate a business here. It has been 5 years of growth, triumphs, and valuable lessons. We cherish every moment - from overcoming challenges to celebrating successes, and learning from our missteps.  Conscious Taos and its members look forward to the new spaces where we will fit into this amazing community.

Forever grateful to step into the arena.  

The Team at Conscious Taos. 





***Make plans for your bin collection on your final pickup so we may collect the bin.

  • Any bins not returned to Conscious Taos will result in a bin replacement fee
  • Example - If your account payment covers 2 pickups, your recycling + your blue bin will be collected on the 2nd pickup

***Conscious Taos has a 30-day cancelation policy

- if you wish to cancel before you receive all the pickups included in your last payment, we will not offer refunds. We will honor and fulfill all subscriptions until your final pickup. 

***No recurring subscription payments will be collected beyond 

  • Sunday, November 5th for Monthly Plan residential and Commercial Tiers 1-3
  • Wednesday, November 1st for Commercial Tiers 4 and higher

***Conscious Taos is closing on a National Holiday week, please take this into consideration for your final bin pickup